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width="298"   This "About Us" page is designed to give you a "peek behind the curtains" about Alexa's Bags™.

The list to follow, provides an outline about who we are as well as a bio page for each of our staff.

Tom Dickson, the designer of  Alexa's Bags™, is a qualified engineer who fully understands the complex physics and food grade materials needed in the design of a superior juicing bag.  He has taken years of success in the development of engineering marvels, resulting in the creation of Alexa's Bags™, the only bpaSafe Certified juicing / nutmilk bags in the industry!
Alexa's Bags™ is a daughter company of the Alpha 71 Group™, a multiple service and product development group based in Utah.
We have a priority on the satisfaction of our customers for return visits, not the profit. We believe that the greater the level of service for our customers, profit is an organic result.
At Alexa's Bags™, we are motivated to continue every day from the enjoyment of know how Alexa's Bags™ are changing the lives of others. It is so amazing to hear from our customers how Alexa's Bags™ have been so inspired to develop new creative drinks that are not just delicious, but healthy.

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